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Consileon is an integrated management and technology consulting firm providing feasible, sustainable solutions that turn opportunities into reality. Backed by the integrity of its people and a unique culture of long-term orientation, Consileon brings strategic expertise, operational knowhow and technical prowess to deliver fully-integrated solutions to a wide array of industries and organizations. Since its foundation in 2001, Consileon has committed to diversifying its portfolio and revenue sources in order to ensure minimum risk to our company. This approach has enabled steady growth. Today, each and every one of the 400 consultants across five locations in Europe is working to help clients from the most various sectors.

Consileon delivers solutions for:

    . IT Consulting and Solution Development
    · Data Analysis
    · Growth and Innovation
    · Business Operations
    · Purchasing and Logistics
    · Marketing, Sales and Services
    · VR and Digital Experiences
    · Corporate Health Management
    · Sustainability

Capital Markets

An industry that was highly regulated for a long time is in flux. Driving this change are globalization, increasingly complex financial products and the associated development and consolidation of trading and clearing platforms. Many stock exchanges, clearing houses and custodial banks are themselves listed on the stock market and a target for acquisition bids. New shareholders increase pressure on profits and costs. Financial services providers linked to capital markets must be in a position to respond quickly to these developments by adapting their trading departments, mid- and back offices accordingly. Furthermore, new industry standards and legal requirements, for example for managing risk and protecting investors, must be taken into account.

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